Petition/Take Action

The petition for the Barton CSO bioswales is currently closed. When we were working to stop the bioswales project, we encouraged concerned parties to:

  1. Sign the petition.
  2. Write to King County Executive, Dow Constantine at or by snail mail: The Honorable Dow Constantine, King County Executive, Office of the King County Executive, King County Chinook Building, 401 5th Ave. Suite 800, Seattle, WA 98104.
  3. Share this website with friends and neighbors through e-mail, Facebook and other social networks.
  4. Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or community blog.
  5. Post comments below or contact us at

2 Responses to Petition/Take Action

  1. Duane and Cathy Fashaw says:

    If you have to take our parking away from our bought property that we under all conditions NEED than there has to be another way. My husband has one leg and needs parking definitely close to the house. PLEASE FIND ANOTHER WAY OUT OF OUR WAY!!!

    • Dear Cathy:
      King County says they will take into consideration those who have known disabilities as they build bioswales. I don’t know if a bioswale is slated to go in front of your home, but you will definitely want to let King County know about your accessibility concerns if you have not done so already. Unfortunately, the problem for many people is that if they develop a disability later, after the bioswales are built, it will be too late. The bioswales will permanently be in front of their homes and parking and accessibility will be permanently impacted.

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