Bioswale Construction Zone

Bioswale ConstructionWe’ve been quiet, but we’re still here, in our neighborhood that now looks like a construction zone. We’re angry that King County keeps insulting our intelligence by referring to the deep ditches they’re installing as rain gardens–they are not rain gardens and continuing to call them this doesn’t make it so. What is true is that with each hole they dig, King County is legally liable if someone is hurt due to installation of these bioswales.

Like you, we’re disappointed, but not surprised that the bioswale project has proceeded. King County was determined to push it through, come hell and high water.

What we can do now?

  1. Monitor and track the functionality of the bioswales. Note if they cause the same safety and health problems as they did in Ballard. See our Issues and Photo  pages for details.
  2. Get confirmation in writing from King County that they will maintain the bioswales. See if bioswales are maintained, as promised, or if they fall into disrepair, such as the High Point bioswales.
  3. Determine if bioswales contribute to traffic and parking congestion, especially with impeding emergency vehicles.
  4. Report any incidents experienced by children (e.g. the major bioswale going in near Westside School!), the elderly or others as they try to navigate around the projects.
  5. Talk to your real estate agent to see if installation of these projects has impacted your home value.
  6. Reach out to the media to describe how this project is impacting you. Start with Tracy

Unlike the people installing this project, we live here. We’re forced to live with whatever the outcome of this project may be, and we’re not going away tomorrow or next week.

Please continue to track what’s happening and send your updates to us:

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