Spring Project Update & Dow Constantine

ImageSpring is bringing beauty to Westwood and Sunrise Heights–and also a scaled back CSO project and the kickoff of King County Executive Dow Constantine’s re-election campaign.

We think these two things are related. As election season begins, Constantine is unlikely to want any negative press. We are disappointed that concerned citizens and voters reaching out to him regarding the proposed Barton CSO project has resulted in resounding silence.

We find it interesting that after months of expressing our concerns through this website, written and online petitions, speaking up at community meetings and by meeting with King County staff, as election season begins, King County has scaled back the project significantly.

King County currently plans to construct bioswales on 15 blocks–which could spread to four more blocks. Just because your home may not be included in this initial selection, don’t think you won’t be impacted.

Removal of trees, heavy construction, street closures and parking loss are just a few of the problems during a bioswale construction process. If the swales are then completed, you can look forward to a host of issues including tripping and drowning hazards, permanent parking loss, eventual neglect in swale maintenance and loss of property value.

In addition to potential political fallout, it’s also possible that this project has been scaled back due to dwindling funds. If so, this also does not bode well for how the project will be maintained if built.

It’s not too late to stop the Barton CSO project and employ other solutions. Our elected officials represent us and our issues. Our tax dollars should go to projects that contribute to both a safe and healthy environment. You have a strong and important voice; we hope you will join us by taking a stand right now.

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